76 years of Yemeni- Russian relationship.

By Rowyda Al-Shergaby. Moscow, Sabanet:Director of Middle East department in the Novo City News Agency Mr. Fladmir Kidrov had met with the republic of Yemen ambassador in Moscow Mr. Abdul- Wahab Al-Rowhani and filed the following interview about the oldest Russian-Arab relationship established between the Soviet Union and Yemen 76 years ago. Q: Your excellency ambassador! What is your assessment of the historic bilateral relations between Russia and Yemen? A: We are actually very proud of our relationship with Russia as it is the oldest Arab-Russian relations dates back to 76 years ago.Yemeni-Russian ties have been witnessing fast development in the different fields. Both Yemen and Russia are very keen to strengthen these historic relationship to serve the mutual interests of the two friendly countries and peoples. Q: How did President’s Saleh visits to Moscow help further enhancing the relationship between the two countries? A: Within the course of bolstering the Yemeni relations with Russia, HE. President Ali Abdullah Saleh had paid two states visits to Russia within a relatively short period. He had been to Russia in December 2002 and April 2004. The two trips were very successful and the meetings of president Saleh with president Putin were very fruitful too. The two visits had given a new impetus to Yemeni Russian relation and helped promoting the cooperation between the two sides in the various domains and in the field of trade in particular. Now, we are working together to put the signed agreements in practice whether in the commercial and economic area or others. There were also the Russian official delegations visits to Sana’a. a number of Russian high rank officials had paid visits to Yemen on top of them was the Russian deputy foreign minister who had been to Sana’a recently. During his trip all aspects of cooperation between the two friendly countries were discussed in addition to Russian’s role in the Middle East peace process and Iraqi issue. Q: What do you like Russia to do with respect to the Middle East issue? A: We are looking for many much can be done by Russia .. Russia is a great sate and an influential power in the international arena, so it has a key role in bringing about the international peace and stability. Concerning to the Palestinian issue, we always ask for activating the Russian’s role through its membership in the quartet committee concerned with the peace process in the Middle East. Hence, we are looking for a Russian active role in bringing about a comprehensive and justice peace in the region and putting an end to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through ensuring the Palestinian people security and establishment their Palestinian statehood. With reference to the Iraqi issue, Russia’s stance is in line with the Iraqi people interests and future. Russia’s role also in favor of pulling out the occupation troops from Iraq. Q: What about Russian National Glory Center’s delegation who had been to Sana’a recently? A: A Russian delegation headed by the Russian deputy foreign minister Mr. Sultanov and included a number of high rank social, political, intellectual and businessmen figures. The delegation had handed over the President Ali Abdullah Saleh the Civilizations Dialogue decoration. During the Russian delegation trip to Sana’a , issues of common concern such as fighting terrorism and peace in the Middle East as well as mutual cooperation between Yemen and Russia were in focus of the delegation’s talks with Yemeni officials. Now, arrangements are under way for receiving a Russian commercial and industrial delegation due to visit Yemen this month. We do hope that the delegation’s trip would be coincided with organizing a commercial exhibition in Sana’a. I had handed over an invitation from the Yemeni prime minister to Mr. Bremakov. I also delivered two invitations from the Yemeni ministers of trade and industry. We are very welcoming this visit because it would help promoting investment and trade between Yemen and Russia. Q: Don’t you think that Russian-Arab relationship had gone far beyond 76 years? A: Russian – Arab relations are historic and very old, at the same time these relationships are renewal . The Orient and Arab world in particular used to be of high significance for Russia. There is an interplay between the Arab- Islamic culture and Russian culture.The Russian greatest poet Bosh Ken had written about the Quraan imitation that was known as the nine poems. The famous Russian novelist Tolstoy had highly appreciated the Arabian Nights even though he recommended the Russian government to print the Tale within the popular publications. Furthermore, Russian Orientates had played a key role in introducing the Arabic civilization and culture to the West.The generations should read what Bosh Ken and Tolstoy had written to know the cultural influence and historic relationship between the two nations of Arab and Russian. We hope that the cultural and scientific institutions will help revitalizing the cultural interactions between Russians and Arabs. Intelligentsia also ought to let the generations get acquaintance with the deep rooted relations between the two friendly peoples. The Russian Orientates had made a great deal of researches and studies about the Arab-Islamic civilization and Arab Russian relationships. We should take the advantages of those studies which could help us further boosting our friendship and promoting a genuine civilizations dialogue. Q: What’s your comment on the civilizations dialogue? A: When we talk about the dialogue among civilizations, we ought to know what are these civilizations which shall have o get involved in the dialogue. We are in favor of the dialogue and we must encourage it. But, the question is that what stuff is the dialogue? What is the question of the dialogue? What are the civilizations which should come to the dialogue?.. are they the religions? Or the cultures? There are many questions need to be answered. The dialogue we have been experiencing nowadays is the force dialogue. Force is the only dialogue currently around the world. There is no logic other than the force’s . There are some people adopt the theory of Samuel Huntington. Thereupon, they are trying to paint Islam as the religion of terrorism. This is not true.We also hope that those who take part in suchlike dialogues will not be too foolish to describe Islam as the religion of war. Islam is the religion of tolerance, justice and love. The one who understands Islam unlike this, he did not actually understand it. It is true, there are some guys turned into extremism or terrorism. This phenomenon is not confined to Islam merely but, it is well known in Christianity, Judaism and other doctrines throughout the humankind history. Q: But, what about the terrorist acts? A: I do here condemn all kinds of terrorist acts. Terrorism should not be justified. We must know the reasons which beget terrorism. To the best of my knowledge , there are three main factors behind this problem: First one is the cultural and educational reason. This factor attributed to some educational institutions which used to doctrine religious egotism. Second reason is Socially and economically. Poverty and miserable social conditions create ideal environment for recruiting terrorist elements. Third cause is politically. Lack of democracy, justice and political freedom usually lead to terrorism.We have to study these reasons so as to overcome this problem.Novo City News Agency