AAWO awards president as 2006 world figure

SANA’A, Feb. 22(Saba)- The Afro-Asian Writers Organization (AAWO) has rewarded President Ali Abdullah Saleh as 2006 prominent figure in the Islamic Word. The organization has chosen president Saleh for his humanitarian role and his achievements in the country in fields of democracy, freedom, human rights and women empowerment as well as strengthening security and stability in the country. The Medal was given to president Saleh by the head of the AAWO Muhammad Marjan, and Midhat Abu al-Sayid, member of the AAWO board, during a reception held Thursday in Sana’a. The two AAWO official expressed admiration of organization for Saleh’s courageous stands for the sake the national and human issues and the role played to serve the international peace. AM/AH