Al-Janadi says Saleh's health improving

SANA’A, June 16 (Saba)- Deputy Minister of Information Abdo al-Janadi has announced that the health condition of President Ali Abdullah Saleh is steadily improving. In a press conference in Sana’a, al-Janadi said that the investigations into the cowardly and terrorist incident targeting the presidential palace were led by a committee composed by various security services and experts. ‘’This committee is about to deliver its findings. I believe that this hideous and criminal incident was not carried out by one person or one entity. It was indeed carried out by various sides which all tried to inherit the legacy of Ali Abdullah Saleh’’, he said. ‘’There are some issues upon which an agreement has been reached. I will raise such issues which I have already discussed in a meeting with the vice president, involving political parties and organizations. The vice president is the acting president and the secretary general of the General People's Congress [GPC]. He is also the commander of the armed forces and a prominent GPC figure. His own fate is identical to Saleh's fate. Commending the vice president with the implicit aim of diminishing President Saleh and his status is not appropriate for the party with which both men are affiliated’’, al-Janadi made clear. YA Saba