Al-Qaeda will take over, if the regime left, Saleh says

SANA’A, May 21 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Saturday that al-Qaeda could take over many governorates in Yemen, if the regime left, on the contrary of what the seekers for powers keep saying.President Saleh made the statement, while delivering a speech in a celebration held in the Capital Sana’a on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the Yemeni National Day, May 22.”Those who seek for powers said if the regime left, al-Qaeda will vanish. Al-Qaeda will complete its control over Marib, Hadramout, Shabwa, Abyan and Jawf. These governorates will be forced to accept al-Qaeda, because they do not want the Joint Meeting Parties (JMPs)”, Saleh said.The President pinned hopes that the USA and European Union would realize this fact, saying “This is a message I send for all to know that what is coming is worse than what is occurring now”.”Foreign regimes, particularly the greatest countries, seeks weak pro-regimes … to put them on the chair of authority”, the President said.He reiterated his call for the brotherly and friendly countries to wear “nice white glasses” to see the Yemeni people moving in millions to al-Sab’in Square in support of the security, stability, development, freedom, unity and democracy, instead of looking via “their special glasses” at only the protesters in “Deceiving Square”, who say “this is the people’s will. Regimes have to leave and authority has to be transferred”.Saleh regretted to speak such language with these countries, but he said that he has to.The General People Congress (GPC) is a pioneer party. It will remain the party that the people has trusted and voted for either in the parliament or presidency or local authority elections. It is and will still the leader party now and in the future, Saleh said.”No one think that he will exclude the General People Congress”, Saleh accented.The only thing the protesters want is the departure of the regime’s head. If that happened, the country will be divided into many parts. They do not understand the meaning of the regime’s departure, which is the departure of the revolution, republic and unity. This is what every one must realize, the president said.Saleh pointed out that at least 154 soldiers have been killed and 1327 wounded as victims of the protests of “Deceiving Square not the Changing Square, considering them martyrs of the country.Some 145 innocent people have been killed and 3318 wounded due to the wrong mobilization by the so called conspiracy Joint Meeting Parties, President Saleh continued.”Unity is a crown on top of all Yemenis as great achievements have been achieved either in the economic or in infrastructure areas during the time of the unity of Yemen,” Saleh said.It is the plans of old -fashioned and underdeveloped powers, Saleh said, adding “they want you to destroy every thing but we refuse and we refuse to destroy what have been achieved, we made concessions for the sake of the homeland and Yemen’s security, stability and unity.”We have worked very hard and sincerely for the security and stability of the country and preserving its unity, the president emphasized.”For those who want to reach power, they must come to ballot boxes”, he said.The President welcomed the Gulf initiative, confirming: “we will deal with it positively in favor of the country though it is a coup but we will deal with it”.HA/AM/AF