Calling on Int'l Orgs to oversee elections, Saleh inaugurates election campaign

ADEN,Dec.26(Saba)-President Ali Abdullah Saleh called on Sunday on international organizations to watch over the electoral process without reservation, whether from civil society organizations in Yemen or from brotherly and friendly countries. This came in his speech he delivered at the opening of an expanded meeting of the General Peoples' Congress (GPC) and the National Democratic Alliance Parties (NDAPs) held in Aden. "We are on the threshold of a new phase during the next few months on the 27th of April, the constitutional right of all Yemeni people. It is the parliamentary elections", Saleh said. He announced the inauguration of the elections campaign from Aden saying "From here from Aden, we launch the election campaign, as we have launched from here a lot of important events and transitions in the history of the great Yemeni people." The establishment of the Republic of Yemen was announced on May 22, 1990, at the May 22 Palace in Tawahi, Saleh noted. President Saleh welcomed the oversight on the elections, reiterating his call to the Joint Meeting Parties (JMPs) to participate effectively in the elections. He also called on all to stay away from political plots and obstinacy, pointing that the 22nd of May has rolled up the page of the past forever. In this regard, President Saleh expressed his admiration for what he saw last week in an exhibition at the University of Aden that included researches and innovations of youth, who are interested in the scientific research and treating the people's issues, and not thinking about how to gather people in containers or mass graves. BA Saba