Dialogue is open with all, except who try to smash up unification, says president Saleh

SANA’A, (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Sunday that “dialogue is open with all except those who try to damage unification, stability and security of the nation.” In his address on the 44th anniversary of 14th October Revolution and Eid al-Fitr to senior officials, members of local councils in Aden, high profile social figures and reporters, president Saleh hailed the key role of Aden in the revolution in southern Yemen. Saleh talked about the era of Yemen’s reunification and democratic steps taken until now, sating that the national unity will remain strong. He made it clear that adopting demonstrations to solve problems is “useless”, expressing sadness for the death of six people in the latest demonstration on Saturday in Lahj and Aden. President Saleh blamed what he said “those who provoke demonstrations” for what happened, confirming that the constitution protects freedom of expression by peace means. “I feel sorrow for such incidents, but those who provoke demonstrations are responsible for what happened. Our constitution guarantees freedom of each citizen to express opinion by all peaceful means, not by force,” said president Saleh. “Anybody wants to organize a protest should have a legal permission and to specify slogans that voice its requests no condition not to harm the national unity. Thus we will be ready to listen to requests. People do not need violence or riots or sit-ins to raise legal requests,” said Saleh. He admitted again that some mistakes were made after war in 1994 and that the state is working to solve them. He confirmed that the issue of retired military and security personnel, ousted after war of 1994, has been resolved. “We do not ignore such mistakes. We are read to tackle problems as a sate and nation”, he said. Saleh pointed to his initiative of political reforms recently announced to expand the public participation in the political life. “We are now facing a new phase and we are stepping forward to carry out reforms and uproot corruption, he said, pointing that corruption in a democratic country is less than corruption in undemocratic country, because, he said, eyes of people are gazing everything. AH/NS Saba