FM: President ready to transfer power anytime via election

LONDON, July 29 (Saba) - President Ali Abdullah Saleh confirmed his readiness to transfer power anytime, but via early election, Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi has said.In an interview with Reuters, al-Qirbi said if president Saleh was forced to oust, a civil war would erupt in Yemen, adding that the crisis's solution is an agreement between the ruling party and opposition on a date for early election.The Gulf and USA-brokered deal was not practicable, he said, pointing that if the president has resigned and no election has been conducted, a constitutional vacuum would occur in the country.The Gulf and USA-brokered deal has set 30 days to form a national-unity government and then the president resigns. Election is conducted in 60 days."The President did not cancel the deal. Its timeframe needs to be reconsidered", al-Qirbi said, adding that the government was trying to negotiate with the opposition to set an achievable date for election under regional and international supervision."Al-Qaeda is the best beneficiary from the anarchy in Yemen. The political crisis paves the way for al-Qaeda to take hold of Abyan province", he said.Failure to reach a political agreement will lead to a disaster, maybe a civil war, al-Qirbi said.AF