Former President Saleh: the killer of Abdul Aziz will pay the priceFormer President Saleh: the killer of Abdul Aziz will pay the price

Former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the head of GPC wrote in his page on the social network 'Facebook" about Yemen's Martyr, Abdul Aziz Abdul Ghani on the occasion of the second anniversary of his death

– Today, we commemorate Abdulaziz Abdulghani's departure as a result of the terrorist attack on the ‘Presidential Compound’ Mosque two years ago. Abdulghani is one of the greatest Yemeni patriots who pioneered the process of advancement and development for a modern, civil, democratic, and united Yemen. It’s a remembrance that brings the curse of God and anger of the people on the perpetrators whose hands are stained with the pure and saintly blood of Abdulghani, and in the forbidden and holy month of Rajab, in its most sacred days; its first Friday.

However, the long sought-after modern and civilized Yemen that has always been represented by Abdulghani’s character, shall never be realized until those who stood against it, by committing their treacherous conspiracy of assassinating Abdulghani, are brought to justice. No matter how and where they will seek refuge and sanctuary, the perpetrators will face justice. Not in the spirit of vengeance, but to safeguard all the great things that Abdulghani stood for: development, modernization, justice, equality and a civil society. It also asserts that those who stand against such principles are the nation's enemy.

These conspirators may have succeeded in taking away Abdulghani's life, but they will never take away what he stood for and what he deeply entrenched in all of us of beliefs and convictions of all the noble principles he advocated and generously paid his life for. These public enemies have severely failed in achieving their contemptible personal goals as they were defeated by the people and the army, who should all stand together again and again in facing such intruders regardless of how great the sacrifices might be. God bless all the martyrs.

To this great country, we pledge allegiance.

Khawatim Mubaraka, God bless you all