GPC not to hold back Gulf initiative, Saleh says

SANA'A, May 22 (Saba) - President Ali Abdullah Saleh, President of General People's Congress (GPC), chaired on Sunday a joint extraordinary meeting of the Permanent Committee of the GPC and the leadership of the National Democratic Coalition Parties (NDCP).During the meeting, President Saleh delivered a speech, reviewing the developments of the four-month political crisis arisen by the Joint Meeting Parties (JMPs) and the efforts exerted by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)'s States to resolve the ongoing crisis in Yemen.It is a difficult political crisis and needs to be dealt with patiently and persistently by all national leadership, the president said."We have announced to deal positively the Gulf initiative in favor of the nation and to avoid Yemeni bloodshed", Saleh said, adding that we are against blocking roads and destroying the national economy."The important is how to face challenge with challenge and how to open blocked roads and to regain the areas taken over by JMPs in Jawf governorate and some areas", he said.Our leaders in Marib governorate have to play their role to open the roads that to allow the access of gas and fuel to citizens, Saleh said.The GPC will not hold back the initiative and will deal with it positively, Saleh said."You noticed that the Vice President and Prime Minister could not come to the meeting because of the blocked roads by the angry people. We refuse such acts".The GPC members' behaviors must be better than JMPs members', who have killed over 145 soldiers. We are always keen not to shed blood. They are responsible for what happened in the Sana'a University's neighborhood not us. They had moved to the citizen's houses. The Prosecution has to do its duties and identify the responsible for this bloodshed, Saleh said.The meeting was briefed on the details of the Gulf initiative and its mechanism that focused on maintaining Yemen's security, stability and unity, transferring power smoothly and safely to avoid dragging the country into chaos and violence, eliminating the political and security tension elements and the obligation of all parties to stop all kinds of vengeance via guarantees for this purpose.The joint meeting approved authorizing the GPC's General Secretariat and the NDCP's leadership to take the appropriate decision to deal with the crisis's development and the Gulf initiative.HA/AF