Health minister says Saleh recovering well

SANA’A, June 16 (Saba)- Health Minister Abdul-Karim Rasea has reassured the Yemenis that President Ali Abdullah Saleh is well and plans to address very soon the nation. The Yemeni official gave an update on the health condition of President Saleh who is still receiving medical treatment in Saudi Arabia, after the 3 June attack on the mosque of the presidential palace in Sana’a. He pointed out that the president Saleh will give statements to the Yemenis very shortly. ‘’I would like to reassure the Yemenis on the health condition of the president - may God save him. I have been consistently following up on his health since the day of the accident when he was first treated at a hospital in Sana’a. At that time, I visited him and spoke to him and he was already fine and in good health’’, he said. The Yemeni official said that he had gone to Riyadh to get acquainted on the President’s healthy condition from the Saudi medical team supervising the treatment offered to him and to our senior statesmen. ‘’I visit the president and the wounded statesmen on a daily basis, along with Yemeni ambassador to Riyadh Mohammad Ali Muhsin. The reports disseminated these days by some Arab news agencies and Al-Jazeera TV, saying that we are not allowed to access the hospital where the President is treated are inaccurate. The health condition of the president is improving day after day as well as the health condition of all casualties or the other senior figures who were accompanying the president on 3 June. They are all fine and their health condition is steadily improving, day after day’’, Rasea added. YA Saba