Investment law amended according to president platform, says al-Attar

SANA’A, (Saba)- Chairman of the General Investment Authority (GIA) Salah al-Attar stated to Saba on Thursday that the authority has performed some changes to investment law in the light of electoral program of President Ali Abdullah Saleh and would rise them to the cabinet to approve them and finalize constitutional procedures to be issued. He made it clear that an agreement would to inked with Foreign Investment Advisory Service (FIAS), World Bank affiliate, to set out program of technical assistance for three years at a cost of $6 million. The program would be centered on reviewing foreign investment promotion policies and organizing laws of investment and related laws, as well as creating new laws and regulations such as systems of building, operation and transforming and others, al-Attar said. He pointed out that Yemen Investment Law is considered on of the best investment laws in the region as it provides investors with advantages and facilitations and does not discriminate among local, Arab and foreign investment. AM/AM Saba