Judiciary is totally independent and its verdicts are final: President Saleh

SANA’A, Jan. 24(Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh, along with vice president Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi, attended, here on Wednesday, the closing session of the 17th Conference of Interior Ministry Officials titled “Updating Administration and Reinforcing Security Systems Characteristic Structure” which took place during the period from January 22 – 24. President Saleh greeted all Ministry of Interior and security systems affiliates for holding the conference and strongly approved the decisions and recommendations the conference came up with. Saleh praised the performance of the security systems in the past period that proved successfully, specially during holding the recent presidential and local elections. He noted that all security bodies should employ the various security means to foil any crime before it takes place. “We are thankful that security bodies managed, in the past period, to stop all kinds of crimes, out of which the organized terrorism.” Said the president. Saleh pointed out that due to security and stability, a big number of investors from neighboring and foreign countries came to Yemen to setup strategic projects, particularly in the field of heavy and medium industry which involve a great number of workforce. President urged all Yemenis to cooperate with the security bodies to buildup a secure and safe Yemen in order to further development and progress for security and development are collateral and crucial. He emphasized on the importance of liaison between security systems and the military forces, calling people to cooperate with the Ministry of Interior to implement the bylaw of bearing and possessing arms and called the parliament to speed the issuance of the law to organize this matter. President concluded his speech by affirming that no other authority has the right to interfere in the tasks and privileges of the judiciary. “Judiciaryis totally independent and its verdicts are final. AM/TN SABA