Mass rallies in support of military, security forces held in Yemen

SANA’A, June 24 (Saba) - Millions of the Yemeni people gathered on Friday at squares in the capital Sana’a and other provinces to confirm their firm support to the constitutional legitimacy and the military and security forces. The participants in mass rallies across Yemen held Yemeni flags and posters of President Ali Abdullah Saleh and chanted slogans condemning the terrorist attack that targeted three weeks ago the President and senior state officials at the mosque of the presidential palace in Sana’a. The Yemeni people renewed their determination to adhere to the constitutional legitimacy and rejection of all forms of chaos, sabotage and coup attempts against legitimacy and democratic approach chosen by them. They called for the Joint Meeting Parties to engage dialogue to end the current political crisis and respond to ongoing efforts to resolve the crisis, particularly the initiator of the Gulf Cooperation Council, demanding an end of illegal protests and demonstrations, violence, chaos and insurgency in some military units. They affirmed their support to the political leadership of the country under President Saleh. YA Saba