Massive march in Sana'a supporting President's initiative

SANA'A,Feb.25(Saba)- The capital Sana'a witnessed after Friday prayers a massive festival in Tahreer Square, which was followed by a one-million-people march. Hundreds of thousands of citizens, who flocked from various districts of the capital Sana'a and surrounding provinces, participated in the rally and expressed their support to the historical initiative announced by President Ali Abdullah Saleh at the joint meeting of Parliament and the Shura Council on February 02. The participants also voiced their support to President's call for continued dialogue to prepare for the comprehensive national dialogue and their rejection of chaos, violence and vandalism. They stressed the need to strengthen the national alignment to maintain the security, stability and public order and protect the national constants. In the festival and rally, the participants raised the national flag, President Saleh's photos and slogans that read "Yes for security, stability and development", "No for chaos and vandalism"," No for makers of crises and agitators", and "With our blood we sacrifice ourselves for Yemen". The participants also raised banners with statements strongly condemn calls seeking to walk the homeland toward chaos, violence and strife, emphasizing the need to crowd efforts for the success of the comprehensive national dialogue so as to ensure addressing different national issues. The marchers repeated chants affirming that Yemeni people stand by the political leadership to protect the achievements of the revolution, republic and unity and to defend the national constants and to abort any conspiracies targeting the homeland's unity, security and stability. A number of speeches were delivered in the mass festival, attended by local officials, some members of Parliament and the Shural Concil, scholars, leaders of political parties and civil society organizations, sheiks and social figures in the capital Sana'a and Sana'a province. The speeches confirmed the keenness of the participants on security and stability of the homeland and their rejection of chaos and vandalism, stressing the dialogue is the best way to address all issues witnessed by the national arena. It is noteworthy that President Saleh's initiative included the freezing of constitutional amendments, denying any intention to hereditary rule in Yemen, and calling on the quartet committee, formed by the ruling General People's Congress (GPC) part and the opposition parties, to resume preparation for a comprehensive national dialogue. In his initiative, President Saleh also announced delaying the 27 April parliamentary elections and that he will not seek his re-election in 2013, saying "No to hereditary rule and no to life presidency". BA Saba