MCC agrees to grant Yemen $94 mln: President Saleh

ANA’A, April 03 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh said Thursday upon arrival coming from United States the visit was successful as the Millennium Challenge Corporation agreed to grant Yemen USD 94 million and talks with president George Bush and senior US officials dealt with the latest developments, particularly in Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudanese Darfur and Afghanistan. Millennium Challenge Corporation approved granting Yemen $35 million to civil sector and $59 million to support the security and military sector in Yemen,” said president Saleh in a statement to Saba upon arrival. The Arab Peace Initiative and efforts of combating terrorism were discussed also in President Saleh’s meetings with American officials in Washington. Speaking to Saba, President Saleh said the visit was successful and fruitful as it enhances the partnership and cooperation between Yemen and the US in various political, economic, security and fighting terrorism. President Saleh said he talked with President Bush issues in the Middle East region, the Arab-Israeli conflict, encouraging the Unites States, especially president Bush to help Palestinians get their independent Palestinian state. President Saleh called the American administration to play an active role in the region issues and to pressure Israel to accept the proposed peace initiative, confirming that getting peace in the Middle East would strengthen efforts being exerted to crack down terrorism and make the region more secured and stable. YA/NS