Military Academy is foundation stone for army forces, says president

SANA’A, April 25 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh paid on Tuesdaya visit to military academy in Sana’a where he delivered a lecture to students of the academy.

He congratulated Ahmed al- Ashwal on the occasion of appointing him as a chief of General Staff, and Ahmed al- Wali as a director of the military academy.

“This military academy considers the foundation stone and the main source for the army forces because it provide it by all the military personal, president Saleh said.

He underlined importance of the cooperation between the teachers, officers and students to achieve the main role of the academy in training and habilitating new army personal to serve development in the country.

“We are improving the army forces by using modern scientific means which depend on academic foundations,” he said.

He said that the achievements are not only to improve security and armed forces, but also democracy and development.

He said that the political system in Yemen bases on multiparty that support democratic and political achievements.

President Saleh pointed out to development achievements during past years in different areas such as the electricity, roads, schools, industry, telecommunication and agriculture.

He also indicated to the freedom of expression, saying this right never to be in reality with out security and peace.

He concluded by praising the efforts and sacrifices of security and military institutions in maintaining the unity of the nation.