Millions of Yemenis attend tolerance Friday and pro-legitimacy rally

SANA'A, March 25 (Saba)- The capital Sana'a witnessed Friday an unprecedented rally of millions of people who flocked from provinces to participate in the tolerance Friday and mass rally to express their support to the constitutional legitimacy.After performing Friday prayers in the Tahrir zone, downtown of Sana'a, the massive crowds of people moved toward the al-Sabieen square.The participants raised photos of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen flags, and banners with slogans confirming their support to the national initiatives provided by the president to solve the current crisis plaguing the country.In contrary, the participants chanted slogans strongly condemning disavowal of the opposition joint meeting parties (JMPs) from dialogue and their coup on all political agreements signed with the ruling General People's Congress (GPC).The access to power is peacefully guaranteed for everyone, but through the will of people expressed via free and fair elections and not through chaos and coups, the participants confirmed.The participants voiced their regret for the JMPs-adopted subversive slogans including calls to overthrow the regime through chaos and coup against the constitutional legitimacy and democracy.It is noteworthy that President Saleh's recent initiatives aimed to the development of the political system and the success of the comprehensive national dialogue with all political forces to develop a right vision to address various national issues. BA