Millions of Yemenis express joy over President safety

SANA’A, July 8 (Saba) -Millions of Yemenis took to the streets on Friday to celebrate the safety of President Ali Abdullah Saleh one day after his first televised speech to the Yemeni people since the criminal attack that targeted him and senior officials in the mosque of the presidential palace. In mass rallies, they confirmed their commitment, love and loyalty to their leader, the builder of the modern renaissance of Yemen. They also confirmed their absolute support to the constitutional legitimacy, rejecting any attempts to overthrow it or any conspiratorial plans against the country’s security and stability. The participants in the rallies expressed their refusal to any plans to form a so-called transitional council, calling on the opposition to give priority to the interests of the country. The participants held Yemeni flags and President Saleh’s posters, expressing support to his invitation on dialogue in order to achieve national reconciliation. They called for the opposition to stop violence, chaos and other illegal practices for ending the current crisis, achieving and strengthening national reconciliation and alignment. Saba