Millions of Yemenis reject attempts to oust constitutional legitimacy

SANA’A, April 29 (Saba) – Huge crowds of citizens, who have flocked to the capital Sana’a from various provinces, participated on Friday in massive marches in support of the constitutional legitimacy.The crowds rallied in Al-Sabeen Square, where President Ali Abdullah Saleh welcomed them and delivered a brief speech before them.They expressed their rejection of attempts to coup on the constitutional legitimacy and democracy and announced their adherence to security and stability and their support for a comprehensive national dialogue.The marchers raised the national flag and photos of President Saleh, chanting slogans against the calls seeking to drag the country into chaos, violence and strife, and other signs that read” Yes to the constitutional legitimacy.. Yes to dialogue .. Yes to development, security and stability.. No to vandalism.. No to chaos.. No to intentional crisis”.They condemned the crime committed by some elements of the joint meeting parties (JMPs) against Youth Movement for Correcting Path, who were carrying out a sit-in in Al-Thawrah Sports City, which led to the injury of dozens of youth and innocent citizens.In addition, the participants held leaders of the JMPs responsible for the escalation of the crisis.They recalled on the JMPs to not hamper the dialogue and to quickly response to the dialogue and good efforts including the GCC initiative to solve the crisis. Furthermore, they noted that the access to power is guaranteed for everyone through the ballot box and not through coups that can not be accepted in the present time.BA