NDI to consider Saleh’s initiative of political reform

SANA’A, Jan. 15 (Saba) – The US National Democratic Institute’s bureau (NDI) in Yemen announced it intends to present a scientific view over President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s initiative regarding political reform and women quota in the parliament, the state-run 26sep.net reported on Tuesday. The regional director of NDI Peter Dimitrov said that the women quota is very crucial in the democratic practices, affirming Yemen plays a vital role in building democracy in the region. Dimitrov pointed that democracy and women rights particularly the quota are not domestic affairs of any country, to contrary they are described as global projects that all countries should meet them. ” The institute would work hardly in future to support the women quota and political participation through promoting women capabilities inside political parties and supporting women in elections as candidates and voters”, said Dimitrov. Peter signaled terrorist acts in the provinces of Shabwa and Marib where the institute has been working since long time, pointing out that NDI has not launched any programs in the Saada province yet. In a press conference with Yemeni women journalist, Peter urged the journalists to play an active role in improving the women participation in the political process. The US National Democratic Institute is a non-profit organization interested in democracy building. FR/YA Saba