No US military presence in Yemen: Saleh

SANA'A, March 19 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh has denied some media reports alleging a US military presence in Yemen."Those reports are unfounded and there is no any US presence on the land of Yemen and there is no any treaty or agreement allowing the US presence on our territory, but there is Yemeni-US security cooperation in the field of counterterrorism within the framework of international partnership in this regard", Saleh confirmed.In an interview with pan-Arab Al Arabiya Satellite News Channel, President Saleh said that the security cooperation between Yemen and the US is limited to the exchange of information and the sending of US experts to train Yemeni anti-terrorism troops."There are no more than 50 experts contributing to the training of the Yemeni anti-terrorism forces", said Saleh.President affirmed that the Yemeni unity existed to last and will remain solid without fears for it from the bids of separatists who did not learn from the past lessons. "Any giant national project may face difficulties…..but there should not be fears for Yemen's unity", President Saleh said.However, he said that fears remain of troubles hampering the development path and that are seeking to reinforce hatred culture and separation attempts. We faced the separatists, the Houthi group and the secessionist movement…we worked together because we have a giant national project, compared with their tiny and failed ones, Saleh added.He made clear that the call for a comprehensive dialogue in Yemen was also aimed at the patriot people and the people who have legal demands but not with separatists.We never talk with separatists who betrayed their country, he said, our talk, however, should be with those who can understand their country's issues and those seeking the development of Yemen.The call fundamentally aims at addressing our problems within the roof on unity and constitution and through the local governments across the republic, he said.Touching upon the war in Saada that ended last month, President Saleh said that the war in the far north has ended forever.After the Houthi group accepted the ceasefire terms, we realized that there would not be more wars with the group.The ceasefire committees are assuming their responsibilities well and there are positive indicators the group is cooperating and other local committees are contributing to establishing peace in the region according to the agreed mechanism, he added.FRSaba