Pesident Saleh: religious scholars should play more active role

SANA’A, Mar. 04(Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh met here on Sunday with a number of scholars, members of Al-Hikma Al-Yemenia Association, on the association’s activities and role in raising awareness among public about Islamic principles. In his address to religious scholars, president Saleh Saleh stressed on the role supposed to be played by religious scholars and preachers in acquainting the Yemeni community with their religion duties and how to be moderate. The association’s leadership briefed president Saleh on charitable and humanitarian projects, particularly in education, healthcare, building mosques and houses for orphan custodianship and youth care as well. Chairman of the Association Abdul-Aziz al-Dobaei spoke highly about efforts exerted by President Saleh in providing preachers and scholars with neededsupport to perform properly their guidance mission to get middle-of-the-road generations. The role of scholars is great and important, these days in particular, as our Islamic Shariah faces injustice campaigns in an attempt to disfigureits supreme values because of the malpractice of extremists and religiously-illiterates. KN/NS SABA