PM, Somali president hold talks

SANA’A, Nov 7(Saba)- Prime Minister Abdul-Qader Ba-Jammal held talks on Sunday with Somali president Abdullah Yusuf Ahmed on conditions in Somalia. Talks focused also on bilateral relations and the outcomes of the conference of Somali National Reconciliation. Ba-Jammal first congratulated the Somali president on confidence given by the new Somali Parliament, pointing out to the interest of Yemeni leadership to make peace in all Somalia. He confirmed that Yemen would continue exerting endeavors to restore security and stability in Somali, expressing continuous cooperation with Somalis in all fields. For his part, the Somali president appreciated efforts of President Ali Abdullah Saleh to keep the unity of Somali factions and its stability. He added that the historical ties of the two courtiers push them to work together to support peace and stability in the region. He is briefed the prime minister on arrangements that would follow formation of the government. AH/NS SABA