Political parties and CSOs welcome President initiative for national dialogue

SANA’A, Feb. 03 (Saba)- Political parties and civil society organizations welcomed on Thursday the “positive” initiative of President Ali Abdullah Saleh for national dialogue. President Saleh called on the General People Congress and the opposition parties to resume the national dialogue. In their press releases, the political parties and CSOs confirmed that the initiative of President Saleh had expressed the political leadership’s keenness of the country to keep security and stability and to miss the opportunity for those who seek to stir up turbulences. They also stressed full support for the national initiative, announced by President Saleh, calling on all the political parties to respond wisely and positively to this ‘’historic’’ initiative and drop calls that would damage the national interest of the Yemeni people. In addition, they warned of the exploitation of the democratic climate in the provocation of the people and the use of false slogans aimed at harming the interests of the country. In his speech before a joint meeting of the Parliament and the Shoura council the Parliament, President Saleh denied allegations there is an intention to pass power to his son. Saleh also warned tension and mobilization for wrong reasons will lead to chaos, reiterating the call for dialogue with the opposition parties in order to bridge the gap and restore mutual understanding. "It is a shame for us to destroy what we built", he said. In the joint meeting, the President also announced the freezing of the draft constitutional amendments, which currently put before the Parliament, issuing orders to open the electoral register for registering the people, who reached the legal age, in the records of votes. He noted to the current events in Egypt and what occurred in Tunisia, confirming that if chaos endows it is difficult to control it. "There will be no extension of the presidential term and no dynastic succession", President Saleh said, announcing comprehensive reforms in the process of electing the provincial councils and governors; expanding the social security network to include 500,000 new cases; finding job opportunities for university students in the public and private sectors and establishing a fund to support the youth and fresh graduates. Saleh concluded by calling on the opposition to form a national unity government and become partners. BA/YA Saba