Politicians call for response to President's initiative

SANA'A,Feb.05(Saba)- Academicians and Politicians called Saturday on all political forces to response constructively to President Saleh's initiative to ensure peaceful transfer of power and achieve security and stability in the country. The participants, in a seminar organized by Sana'a University under the motto "the national dialogue for Yemen", confirmed the importance of participation of all forces of society in the national dialogue. They called for setting a timeframe for the dialogue and determining the nature of the issues of the dialogue, stressing the importance of adopting practical vision on confidence-building between the dialogue parts. On Wednesday, in a joint meeting of the Parliament and the Shura Council in Sana'a, President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced the freezing of constitutional amendments, denying allegations there is an intention to hereditary rule in Yemen. President Saleh called on the quartet committee, formed by the ruling General People Congress party and the opposition parties, to resume its work and prepare for a comprehensive national dialogue. In addition, President Saleh said the 27 April parliamentary elections would be postponed. He added that he will not seek his re-election in 2013, saying "No to hereditary rule and no to life presidency". BA Saba