President Address Nation on 45th Anniversary of 26th September Revolution

President Address Nation on 45th Anniversary of 26th September Revolution
President Address Nation on 45th Anniversary of 26th September Revolution

SANA'A,- President Ali Abdullah Saleh congratulated today Yemeni people on the occasion of the 45th Anniversary of 26th September Revolution and the 44th Anniversary of 14th October.

In a meeting brought together officials of the government, members of parliament and Shura council, representatives of some political and civil society organization, and top military and security commanders, President Saleh said that the Yemeni revolutions caused political, cultural and economic progress.

Saleh also pointed to the presidential and local elections of 2006, saying that the elections were fair and free.

"We have called on all political forces for national dialogue over political reforms in order to follow up changes," he said, adding that some political forces tried to erupt crises to escape from their internal problems.

But people know who are behind sit-ins and demonstrations of retired military and security personnel that made obstacles in front of development process and investment in the nation, he said.

President confirmed that the peaceful power transfer could not be via protests, describing such acts as "serious mistake".

He said that the door of dialogue is open for all political forces as the dialogue is the sole means to conquer all problems and crises, affirming the importance of strengthening democracy inside parties.

Saleh pointed out to the initiative of the political reforms, saying that the initiative aims at establishing a complete presidential system as the president would be responsible in front of people for any fault.

"Let us to introduce the presidential system, and then the president would be responsible for everything."

He said that the opposition prefers the preliminary system, and "we like presidential system, and the last word will be for people to choice. "

President accepted to hold dialogue to explain what differences lie between the two systems and called on Civil Society Organization to take part in the dialogue.

Let us to be partners for running affairs of the country within the framework of democracy and not partners in creating crises, he said.

Furthermore, President Saleh highlighted achievements done by the local authority, reconfirming steps of electing governors and directors of districts.

He urged the government to push efforts of investment in different sectors such as gas, oil, minerals, tourism, agriculture and industry.

"The problem of retired military and security personnel was resolved and we gave orders to receive them again in their units and compensate them."

President also pointed out to the committee formed to tackle the issue of lands which have been occupied by some officials and security and military commanders in some governorates, saying that the committee presented to the cabinet suggestions to resolve this problem.

He concluded his speech by announcing allocation of YR8 billion annually to increase salaries of military and security forces.