President affirms Yemen not land for terrorism


SANA'A, Dec. 08 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh has affirmed that Yemen is not a land for terrorism but it is a victim of this world phenomenon, noting that the state security systems are combating terrorism and have achieved remarkable victories. In an interview with the BBC, Saleh pointed out that terrorism was not originated from Yemen but was injected into the country, noting that diplomats and intelligence apparatuses know where terrorism grew. He criticized questions over the existence of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, asking "why should Yemen get rid of terrorism before others? And why the do not US and its allies destroy terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Iraq?" The president indicated that Yemen is doing its best to combat terrorism through its security and military systems and has achieved significant victories in this regard. Answering a question about visit of the well-known Islamic preacher Amr Khalid, he said the Islamic preacher Amr Khalid visits Yemen from time to time to presents awareness lectures within programs of civil society organizations and he has his audience in Yemen either through his lectures in Yemen or satellite channels. AMAM