President attends Armed Forces Commanders 11th conference

SANA’A, Jan. 29(Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh attended here on Monday the opening of the 11th annual conference of Armed Forces Commanders,held under the title “Towards Excellent Goals of the Armed Forces.” In his speech, president Saleh greeted the commanders of the armed forces for holding the conference. “I am happy to attend this conference and wish you every success in your work.” Saleh said. President noted that the conference represents an important destination to evaluate the tasks, duties, plans and programs in order to reinforcethe positive side and avoid the negative points. He called all commanders of the armed and security forces to concentrateon training and direct supervision of the programs and plans to ensure readiness to defend the country. Saleh also emphasized the importance of avoiding the marginal issues and stopping intervening into the local authority affairs. Talking about al-Houthi supporters rebels, president said that the government issued a general pardon for all of them and constructed what they have destroyed though they were against the law. But it’s depressing indeed to have seen them get together again under the leadership of the so-called Abdul-Malik al-Houthi and attack some of the armed forces affiliates. President affirmed the significance of eradicating such social diseases which harm the nation, development, security and stability and defacethe country’s political system, calling these rebels to hand their arms over to the governor of Sa’ada. He urged the participants in the conference to complete discussing the presented reports in the conference for the Military Corporation gains much interest by the political leadership, the government and the nation. President said that the government would establish residential projects in the main governorates for the armed and security forces affiliates in order to help develop their situations. He concluded his speech by wishing commanders of the armed and security forces more success in their tasks to strictly encounter whoever targetsthe national security and stability. AM/NS SABA