President attends commencement for military graduates

SANA'A, Sep.29 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh attended on Wednesday the graduation ceremony for a number of military batches from military colleges and schools, organized by the Ministry of Defense. In the ceremony, Minister of Defense Brig. Gen. Mohammed Nasser Ahmed delivered a speech congratulating the graduates for their graduation and on the occasion of the anniversary of Yemeni Revolution. "These new graduated batches, which include the 45th batch of War College , Officers training course, the 27th batch of Aviation and Air Defense College, the eighth course of pilots ,and the forth course of engineers, would join various military unites to perform their duties", the Defense Minister said. He said that the security and armed forces received the 48th anniversary of the 26th September revolution with confidence that the homeland ship would sail towards the shore of safety under the wise leadership of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The Defense Minister added that the armed forces and security highly appreciate the President's wise approach and keenness on the principle of dialogue and democracy. He continued saying "As we are in the fifth decade of the revolution of September and October, those adventurers should not fall in the mire of chaos sacrificing the great gains have been achieved on the road to build the State of institutions." Concluding his speech, the Minister urged the graduates to turn to their duties to protect the revolution, unity and democracy, and to be always loyal for God, homeland, revolution and unity. BA Saba