President attends graduating ceremony of 17th batch of police

SANA’A, July 5 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh attended on Wednesday a graduating ceremony of 17th batch of police officers, who are granted Master Degree in police science from the Higher Police Institute. In the ceremony, president Saleh delivered a speech in which he thanked efforts exerted by Ministry of Interior in improving skills of the police officers. He congratulated the graduates, saying that the nation needs for qualified people. He said that the ministry has achieved notable progress during the previous years in security arena after plan of the security deployment, which covered right now 75 % of cities of the governorates. He said that the coming period will witness lunching the fifth phase of the security deployment which cover all regions across the country at percentage 100%. “The deployment helps in reducing rate of the crimes. God welling, the crime will disappear after the fifth phase,” he said. He said that the security stability helps in moving ahead the wheel of the development in the country. He pointed out to the achievements in various fields such as culture, economy and agriculture as well as capacity building of human being. He said that the police academy is one of the key institutions for building capabilities of human being. He emphasized importance of following new changes, saying that the education not like what was in the last century. He praised all efforts of the security institutions in maintaining security and stability in the country. He pointed out to the coming presidential and local elections, calling on individuals of these institutions to participate in these elections. He said that Yemen has adopted democracy, multiparty, freedom of press, human rights respect since 1990 after the unification. “The competition is open for all in local and presidential elections. We are working to peaceful transfer power seriously,” he said. He wished that the programs of the parties are reasonable to get conviction, calling all for fair competition. “Our regime is not family or royal,” he said. He said:” Maybe one day, files of those parties or persons who said that will be opened, if they get ahead of the national principles. He called on political forces to take part in the political life by presenting programs and protection national principles. “It seem that there are political leaders still do not know about republican regime, and the unification was achieved in 1990. They are in lacked rooms and their knowledge still links with royal regime. ” “They do not know that there was a battle in 1994 to protect the unity of the country.” He concluded his speech by wishing all the best for graduates. AH/AHSABA