President attends graduation ceremonies in Hadhramout

MUKALLA, Jun. 1(Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh attended Thursday two graduation ceremonies in the University of Sciences and
Technology and the University of Al-Ahqaf.

On this occasion, Saleh expressed happiness to attend these ceremonies which mean the bright sight for the future of the graduates.

He said that it is optimistic that the graduates have opportunities to work in the fields of petroleum, gas and minerals, affirming importance of English Language.

Then, he visited the scientific exhibition in Hadramout University.
” I m glad to visit the exhibition held in the University of Hadramout where I see a number of scientific researches by Yemeni students which increase their knowledge,” he said.

He pointed out to the achievements of some in the scientific through possessing
nuclear energy for peaceful purposes to confront with future challenges because the petroleum power is not secure and would finish
one day.” President added.