President calls for preparing for parliament election

ABYAN, Nov. 29 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh called on Monday for preparing for the parliament election stage.”We have to be prepared for the coming stage, parliament election stage” President Saleh said during his meeting with the head and members of the local council, heads of executive offices and the security bodies’ officials in Abyan governorate.He called for prevailing the spirit team, willingness, faithfulness to hold the coming election and to realize the desired goals.President Saleh said that the citizens’ interests are always in development, security and stability. “So, you have to work to achieve such interests as zealously as you have done in hosting the 20th gulf cup, which has reflected the strong will and the national soul that is eager to give for the sake of the nation.Saleh congratulated the attendants on the 43rd anniversary of the November 30 and the success of hosting the 20th Gulf Cup.The President has listened to reports on the performance of the local council, the executive offices and about the development and service projects that have been carried out for the 20 Gulf Cup.AF/AF