President calls parties, press to support military, security institution

SANA’A, Jan. 05 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh said Saturday that Yemeni unity is “as stable as mountains” and has been protected by God since 17 years. He called on all parties and press institutions to cooperate with security and military institutions, saying that marginalizing this institution is forbidden for it is the sample of revolution, unity and democracy. Saleh urged in his speech in the ceremony of inaugurating the training year 2008 security forces not to pay any attention to falsified rumors of circulations saying unity is in danger, telling security forces to perform their national duties without listening to these whirlwinds because they will vanish and end. He congratulated people for the achievements made in military and security institution, warning of harming this institution for it is the title of freedom, unity and democracy. President added that 50 thousand of secondary school graduates will join military institutions this year, saying that development being achieved in the homeland is because of these heroes in the ministry of interior who maintain public stability in villages and cities. He said that the constitutional amendments would be made, especially in field of local governance that would lead to electing governors and directors of districts. MS/AM Saba