President confirms continuity to boost relations with Lebanon, Kuwait

SANA’A, July 22 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh held Sunday a arewell meeting for the outgoing Lebanese ambassador to Yemen Hikmat Awaad in which he ensured the ambassador of Yemen’s nonstop commitment to further boost the overall relations with Lebanon. Saleh extolled efforts of the ambassador exerted in serving the Yemeni-Lebanese common interests. The ambassador expressed great appreciation for President Saleh and the Yemeni government’s facilitations offered for him during his tenure in the country. On the other hand, Saleh also met with the Kuwaiti ambassador to Yemen Abdul-Rahman al-Uteibi on concluding his mission in Yemen, emphasizing unabated interest in heightening the Yemeni-Kuwaiti joint ties of various areas. He spoke in favor of the Kuwait ambassador for sparing no effort to improve the bilateral bonds as well as cooperation fields. Al-Uteibi underlined depth of the Yemeni-Kuwaiti relations, thanking all efforts extended to him to ease fulfilling his tasks. AM/AM