President congratulates Lebanese people on victory against Israel

SANA’A, Aug. 14 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh congratulated on Monday the Lebanese people for the victory against Israeli army. Speaking in a training course for leaders of guidance, president Saleh hailed resistance in Lebanon and Palestine, congratulating the Lebanese people for the victory against Israeli arrogance. He said that the Zionist entity was defeated by the Islamic and national resistance in Lebanon and Palestine. On the other hand, president Saleh addressed participants in the course by saying that the message of the mosques “is great and has strong impacts on society”. “It is useful as many peoples, representing different classes, can know the cultural, social and economic developments through it,” he said. He called on the preachers to be careful while they deliver this message and say true information. He said that the country will witness presidential and local elections in the coming period, wishing the competition to be peaceful and fair. He said that the competition should base on reasonable programs, calling the preachers to speak out about problems of the people and duty of the government towards those problems as well as duty of citizens toward the state. “You have to talk about security, prosperity and national unity,” said Saleh. He said that the preachers have to call on people to reject revenge, discrimination, racism, tribalism and other bad habits. AH/NS SABA