President directs government to take care of martyrs’ families

ADEN, Dec.01 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh directed Saturday the government to take care of families of martyrs, give them medals and salaries and provide them with good living. He said in a symposium of Documenting History of Yemen’s Revolution under the title “Independence and Unification of National Struggle” that there is a committee for receiving information and facts on martyrs for revising their lists of their names. “If you want to add any name, there is no objection,” he added, confirming that no one denies struggles and sacrifices of martyrs of the two revelations, 26th of September and 14th of October. He noted to what some claim under the name of the South (of Yemen) over rights and needs, describing them as “odd voices” of limited group and cannot affect the homeland and unity. In the symposium, organized by Moral Guidance Department (MGD) and Aden University, Saleh renewed his call to opposition living abroad to return to their homeland. He talked about the neglected historical figures who martyred during confirmations for office, saying that the duty of this symposium is to talk about them. He thanked MGD for its efforts to document history of the Yemeni revolutions and those who died for this sake. Then, two speeches delivered by Vice Manager of MGD and Struggler Khaled Baras in which they thanked the president for taking care of Yemeni revolutions’ strugglers and the importance of holding this symposium in Aden . MS/AM Saba