President: Doers of destruction and terror acts would not flee penalty

SANA’A, (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh held on Sunday a meeting with tribal sheikhs of Ubeida and al-Ashraf of Marib governorate in which he strongly affirmed that those responsible for acts of destruction and terror and who try to destabilize the country would not flee justice penalty. He reconfirmed that these out-law group of people would not achieve their evil goals with thanks to security bodies and cooperation of loyalists of the nation. Saleh praised stances of Ubeida and al-Ashraf sheikhs, and Marib tribal sheikhs in general, for their cooperation with security apparatuses in confronting these terror elements, making it clear that terrorists aim at targeting national interests in general, and not only the tourist sector. For their part, Ubeida an al-Sharaf sheikhs expressed their bitter resentment of the terror attack which targeted a convoy of 13 tourist Spaniards and their two Yemeni tour guides at Bilquis temple in Marib in early July, 2007. They affirmed for Saleh that such acts go against the Islamic teachings as well as the Yemeni values. The Marib sheikhs also asserted that they would stand side by side with the government in tracking these misguided people, pointing out that such destructive actions are entirely rejected. AM/AM Saba