President highlights achievements of military, security forces in training fields

SANA’A, Jan. 02 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh highlighted on Wednesday achievements of military and security forces in the training fields. In a message sent to the ministries of defense and interior on the occasion of the new training year, president Saleh congratulated soldiers of the military and security forces on this occasion, saying that these forces are protecting security and stability of the nation as well as goals of the revolutions of September and October. He said that history recorded all champions of the military and security forces who sacrificed their souls for the nation against Imam ruling system, occupation and protecting republican system and unification. Forces of treason are still working openly and secretly to target security, stability and unification of the country, president Saleh said. He confirmed such plots could not harm will of defense establishments in protecting supreme interests of the nation. He affirmed that the modernization of the forces is one of the priorities of the government, calling all to do their tasks honestly and hard to meet requirements of defending sovereignty, security, stability and unity of the nation. AH/AM Saba