President holds talks with Rice in Washington

WASHINGTON, Nov.10(Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh held talks on Thursday with the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Washington.
In the talks, they discussed ways of reinforcing the bilateral relations and mutual cooperation between Yemen and United States.

They also discussed topic of strengthening cooperation, especially in fighting terror and improving democracy in the region.

They also exchanged viewpoints over the current situations in the Middle East and the African Horn to come up with a peace and stability plan in
the region and the world.

Rice spoke favorably about Yemen’s achievement in democracy and in fighting terror, confirming the US desire to improve its cooperation with Yemen.

President Saleh asserted Yemen interest in developing its relations with the USA in different fields, pointed out the reform program in Yemen and
its role in combating terrorism.

Saleh indicated to that the key role of united States to push peace process in the region forward through implementing the international resolutions
and practicing pressure on Israel to comply with the international resolutions related to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

They also discussed topic of reformation of the United Nations to perform its role affectively and to carry out its decisions which serve peace
and stability in the world.