President interviewed with Al Jazeera Satellite Channel

ADEN, Dec. 20(Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh had on Wednesday an interview with the English-language al-Jazeera channel in which he talked over problems of the Somali refugees in Yemen and the cultural, social and economic consequences of refugees flooding to Yemen. Saleh said that the international community should allow Somali refugees in Yemen to move freely to the GCC states and neighboring countries in order to look for jobs and reduce the burden that Yemen suffers. Asked about terrorism and extremism, he said that the US is not the only country which suffers from terrorism. “Yemen and other Arab countries have also been targeted by terrorists and extremists,” said Saleh. “We were and are still the US allies in combating terror. We are cooperating with the international community and all countries so as to eradicate terrorism as it seriously affects development and hinders investments and tourism in Yemen,” Saleh said. AM/NS