President is keen on women's participation in political action

SANA'A, April 17 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh has affirmed his keenness to strengthen women's participation in political action and in all institutions of the State.This came during his meeting on Sunday with a number of women's leaderships, who expressed their appreciation for encouragement, care and support provided by the president to women in the country.President Saleh said that Yemeni women have proven that they have sufficient awareness and care about the national issues more than some people."We do not suspect our mothers, daughters or sisters. Women are the best and more honorable than to say anything about", he said.He wondered how those, who sit-in in front of Sana'a University, permitted to themselves to leave women in the streets, while they claim to not mix."When we talked and said why mixing, that is because of our worry about our daughters, sisters and mothers from mob and anarchists", the president explained.President Saleh noted that women have demonstrated a rare courage in this crisis in all parts of the country, highly valuing their role in the current crisis.He renewed emphasis to women's leaderships, saying "We will not let you down whatever the circumstances ".BA