President meets Hadramout elders and officials

President meets Hadramout elders and officials
President meets Hadramout elders and officials

MUKALLA-President Ali Abdullah Saleh held a meeting on Tuesday with elders, officials, religious scholars, representatives of political parties and non-government organizations as well as security and military commanders in the Hadramout province.

In the meeting, president Saleh said that he visited the province to listen to problems of people, describing the province as region of security and development.

He highlighted the united position of all ruling and opposition political forces in the province to serve the security and stability as well as enhance the development in the province.

President Saleh said that the unity of Yemen was a great national achievement, adding that all citizens of Hadramout are with the unity.

He said that he responded to demands of opposition to release detainees, adding that the state is not against freedom of expression, it is against those breach the constitution and damage possessions of people and their stores.

We are with security and stability in whole country, wishing cooperation of all in the local authorities and security forces to maintain security, he said.

He also expressed happiness to launch 163 services and development projects in the province at YR 32 billion which 103 projects were already opened.

He announced that the Parliament and Shoura Council would form committees to pay field visits to the southern and eastern provinces to look at claims such as north occupied southern lands which have been reported in some local and foreign media outlets.

He also called on businessmen to invest in Hadramout, expressing thanks for all who are investing now the province.

Moreover, president Saleh gave orders to pace measures of setting a space channel in the province to deal with educational and Islamic culture..