President meets members of” Men for Yemen Forum”

TAIZ, May 16 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh met on Sunday in Taiz with members of “Men for Yemen Forum”, which includes a number of politicians, scholars, social figures and youth. In the meeting, President Saleh expressed his appreciation for the initiative of creating the forum which aims to spread the national awareness and to defend the nation’s issues and withstand all destructive calls that target the country and its national unity. He pointed out the significant role played by the scholars, social figures, intellectuals others to educate and enlighten the young people on the reality of the past period before the reunification day, so that they can make comparisons between the past and the present. “Such generation of young people did not live the separation tragedies and not suffer of it, so it becomes easy prey for the advocates of division and promoters of hatred culture”, President Saleh affirmed alluding to the changes and achievements made for the country in light of the blessed unity of at different levels. He continued saying “Those, who commit acts of violence and banditry on the roads or assault the citizens, they are criminal elements outside the law and hate the development and stability.” He stressed they would not slip away from justice and the reaction to those subversives is the further development and construction. In this regard, President Saleh called upon the citizens in areas where these lawless elements to cooperate with the security services in order to carry out their duties to follow up these elements whether in Radfan district of Lahj province or in Dalei province. “We should inculcate in the homeland the culture of love, brotherhood, harmony and patriotism”, the President said, voicing his desire that the forum’s member and others from the civil society organizations to play their role in inculcating this culture that devotes all effort to serve the country and maintain its unity. Furthermore, President Saleh paid an inspection visit to a number of service and developmental projects being implemented in Taiz province. BA Saba