President: No fear on Yemen’s Unity

SANA’A, May 05 (Saba) –President Ali Abdullah Saleh reaffirmed that there is no fear on Yemeni Unity because it is protected by Allah’s will and all honest and loyal citizens. “You are the leaders of this unity and its guardians not by the sound of violence and gun but by the sound of mind, dialogue and understanding.” He called Yemeni political forces in Arab countries to dialogue to be between Yemenis themselves over homeland’s issues concerning all citizens. “We are against violence, blocking roads and assassinations. But very sorrowfully, some elements who withdrew from the unity in 1994 whom we issued general amnesty on them, hid themselves to remain covered fire and rose with hatred and factionalism culture,” said Saleh in the opening ceremony of the Second Round of People General Congress’ seventh general conference. He said that if there is any problem in any governorate, southern or eastern, such problems are occurring in any country and are solved by dialogue and understanding. “Why this noise that there is injustice in southern governorates and the 1994 war did not solve the problem?” he inquires. He affirmed importance of continuing development process in all governorates. “Saboteur elements are halting development wheal in Sa’ada.” He welcomed participation of the oppositions in the authority.” If you want to be our partners and abolish political multiplicity, this is welcomed but if you want multiplicity and want to rule and at the same time be opposition this is not correct.” “As a president, I am talking to you as responsible on all of Yemenis, male and female. I speak with you with open heart and absolute transparency and say to those who practice intermitting acts in Radfan you are evoked by separatist and apostasy forces,” said. He considered what is called southern mobility is planed sabotage act ” I say what is happing is not mobility but is unacceptable studied sabotage act.” “Your unity is supported by neighboring countries, the GCC countries and this is of Allah blessings upon you. They are standing with your unity because Yemen’s security and stability concern the neighboring countries,” he said. He assures people that the unity gets international and European support and peoples around the world understand importance of Yemen’s unity. “Our unity makes people respect us but there are people want to make Yemen small and this thing is far reached to these people,” said the president. He argued all homeland’s citizens to be away of hatred culture saying “be away of violence and come to dialogue without blocking roads and blackmailing traveling citizens by asking on their cards to know from where this citizen come from. This matter is dangerous, dangerous and dangerous.” He argued political parties to stand with the unity and with the leadership. “It is not shame to stand with your leadership but the shame is to stand with the false trend.” He unearthed that there are conferences to start in May 25 in all governorates. These conferences are a chance to dialogue with all intellectuals and politicians in these governorates. “Hold a conference to local authority to include all political, social and factional personalities and civil society organizations to discuss issues of the governorates since May 25,” he argued. MA Saba