President: No leniency with those who disturb security

President: No leniency with those who disturb security
President: No leniency with those who disturb security

SANA'A– President Ali Abdullah Saleh stressed on Tuesday that there is no leniency with those who disturb the security and the public order.

This came during his inspection visit to the Central Security Forces' camp, where he got acquainted with the progress in the training and rehabilitation programs in the camp.

Speaking to the officers and soldiers in the camp, President Saleh pointed to the huge duties shouldered by the central security and the general security forces to maintain the security and public order in the country.

"The Central Security is a combatant, security, disciplinary unit, which has its own reputation and high efficiency in performing its functions and duties", President Saleh said.

He urged the soldiers to be an example in their duties, discipline, behavior and good performance, and to deal with the citizens in a good manner and to be alert and ready all the time.

"Your presence in the facilities and checkpoints and outlets, which are Yemen's gates, lays a great responsibility on you to present a good image about your homeland and the security unit you belong to", the president added.

President Saleh affirmed the importance of continued efforts in the fields of training and paying attention to strengthen aspects of the disciplinary and the national awareness on the various issues and developments that concern the country and relate to the security forces' tasks and responsibilities in serving the security and the public order in the society.

Concluding his speech, the president noted the leadership's attention to reinforce the capacities of the security and defense institutions in the different fields. .