President opens 18th Week of Student in Aden University

ADEN,Dec.18(Saba)-President Ali Abdullah Saleh opened on Saturday the 18th Week of Student, which will be held during 18-23 December, at the University of Aden. Saleh toured the wings of exhibitions that were held in the halls of the University. The exhibitions highlighted the creativity of youth in areas of arts, sciences, technology and humanities. Saleh expressed his admiration for the creative works he saw, which reflects the talents and technical and scientific skills of the University students. He pointed out that the political leadership is betting on the creations of these youth and their talents in building the new Yemeni society. In this regard, Saleh affirmed the importance of linking the university researches and studies to the Yemeni environment and its diversity to meet the various needs of the society in different aspects of life. He urged the leadership of the University to encourage youth's talents and develop their skills so as to qualify them to be cadres in the leadership of the scientific and intellectual renaissance in the homeland, confirming the State's interest in the creative and talented people President Saleh directed Ministries of Foreign Affair and, Tourism and the General-Secretariat of Presidency to buy a number of paintings in the field of art, which were presented within the student week events. BA Saba