President opens hope unit of treating cancer diseases in Aden

ADEN, Nov. 28 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh attended a celebration organized by National Cancer Center in the hall of Palestine in Aden city on occasion of opening a Hope Unit of Treating Cancer Diseases under slogan “Granting Us a Smile of Hope.” President Saleh delivered a speech in which he expressed thanks for efforts of the National Corporation of Combating Cancer Diseases during previous four years. “I have given orders to set up a center of cancer tumors and allocated YR 100 million for operation of the center annually, “he said. He also ordered the government to allocate YR 1 billion, pointing out to the reports that show around 20,000 cancer cases yearly. He asked from the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture to shoulder their responsibility to prevent dangerous insecticides as they are reasons of increasing cases of cancer diseases. Such insecticides are produced in Zionist factors and smuggled to Arab markets, he said. President Saleh said that the doctors of the health ministry will organize a campaign to spread awareness on risks of these insecticides via various media outlets. For his part, the chairman of Trustees Council of the corporation Abdul-Wasa Hayel Saeed expressed, in his speech, happiness to attend the ceremony and his support for the corporation. He added that the corporation, in cooperation with health ministry and National Atomic Energy Commission, will set up a national center of cancer tumors in al-Jamhoori Hospital in Sana’a and hope units in Hodeidah and Ibb governorates. He made clear that the works in establishing hope units in Hadramout and Taiz governorates would be finished soon. The corporation would pay further efforts to coordinate official and popular contributions to combat this disease, he said. AH/AM Saba