President opens new building for Defense Ministry headquarters

SANA’A, May 20 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh inaugurated here on Wednesday a new building for the Defense Ministry’s headquarters.On the 19th anniversary of the Unification Day, the President also inaugurated a project of rehabilitation of the buildings of National Defense Complex. After the opening, the President Saleh toured in the 3000 ²M-building of the Ministry that contains of five stories. The building has built according to most modern constructive designs, particularly the underground stories. The building has been outfitted with the up-to-date electrical and mechanical systems, still and mobile surveillance cameras, information network and auto-contact system.The building consists of 90 offices, 11 halls, 10 health units and 10 service units.Then, President Saleh attended a ceremony on this occasion. He delivered a speech, expressing his pleasure to opening the new Defense Ministry’s building that has been establishing in seven years concurring with the project of rehabilitation of the buildings of National Defense Complex that contains 7000 persons along with all requisite means for serving the military corporation.”We really care about this major corporation that has foiled all attempts intended to harm the Unification. It is the safety valve for the revolution, republic, unification and freedom”, Saleh said. The revolution has been started from this place, the Free Officers and the honorable soldiers moved from here to put an end to the reactionary imamate regime, Saleh said.”The performance of the military corporation will be improved due to all the care and interest we pay to” he stressed.He affirmed that several other buildings would be built in the military areas in all governorates and islands.AF/AF