President orders merchants and businessmen to lower prices

Aden, Oct 16 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh held on Monday in Aden city Iftar Banquette for some citizens from Aden, Lahj, Abyan and al-Dhala’a governorates on the occasion of end of the holy month of Rammdan and the43rd ceremony of Oct 14th revolution. President Saleh addressed all merchants and businessmen to give up rising prices, and to lower the prices of food, clothes and other materials, addressing them that they are responsible for the pricing violations specially in the prices of food staff, cloths and construction materials. He gave strict orders to the ministry of Industry and Trade, its offices and the Chambers of Commerce to act immediately and hold meetings within 24 hours to reduces prices and put an end for such violation in prices and to punish whoever found guilty in this issue. Then he congratulated the Yemeni people on the end of Rammdan and on the 43rd anniversary of 14 Oct revolution and the successful presidential and local elections. He said that elections were wonderful and very active political competition.”I congratulate the first winner which is the “Yemeni people” for these democratic festivals. “Saleh said. Number of Governmental officials, sheikhs and members of Parliament and Shura Council who come to congratulate president Saleh on Yemeni peoplecelebrations on Oct 14th revolution and on the success of the presidential and local elections, wishing Yemeni people more progress and prosperity. TD/TN SABA