President orders to reinstate military retirees illegally ousted

SANA’A, (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh asked on Monday concerned authorities to put back in service military retirees who were illegally forced to retire in 1994. During his meeting with al-Dali social and military figures, President Saleh also ordered to set detainees on riots last Thursday in Aden free on condition that they respect law and order. He also gave orders to set up a number of technical and vocational institutes in al-Dali governorate to receive youths to qualify them to be active elements in development process, affirming the important role of the local authority to follow up service projects which meet needs of the governorate. The al-Dhali social and military figures condemned statements targeted unification of the nation, saying that they would not allow any one to damage national principles, unification and stability of the nation. They appreciated efforts of President Saleh to find fair solutions to tackle problems of the retirees in order to give them their rights. AH/AM